1st Swiss Lifestyle Festival🇨🇭
Join us for Scandinavian cuisine, useful design, local craft, art & sustainability awareness.

Hosted @b50.ch Lausanne
✨ 14 & 15 Dec. 2019 ✨

Curated & hosted by

Camille  from

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What is the festival about?

Not just another craft market, at Northern Lights Fest, we really care about ‘Aesthetics and Ethics’, to quote one of our 2018 festival partners, EcoLabo.

The event is a curation of local creators and entrepreneurs who have fallen in love with Scandinavia like us. Having always wanted to live in a Nordic country, instead we’re bringing the North to Geneva.

The goal is not to make anyone feel lesser than in their daily habits. Even as the organizer of this concept festival, I myself am not the perfect example of sustainable consumerism. I’m not a staunch vegan, i’m working at recycling my food waste better, i feel guilty every time i buy single-use plastics, but i’m willing and ready to un-learn, educate myself and adopt new habits.

I dont think i’m alone in this struggle as a western consumer, and like any swiss client, i’ll let myself be seduced by a brand or product, but i firstly need to convinced of its’ designer’s production values and of the origins.

Yes, we are trying to change habits as consumers, and i’ve realized that entrepreneurs need to be encouraged and helped with client experience, aesthetics, storytelling and exposure! that’s why the festival was created, to offer this platform for sharing knowledge, quality products and concepts with the people of Geneva.

This second 2019 edition is inspired by Nordic Living paired with local entrepreneurship. The Festival provides exposure for brands and concepts new to local communities who wish to develop their habits as conscious consumers through curated events.

We offer an aesthetically pleasing platform for designers, innovators and entrepreneurs to activate and engage with new audiences and promote their message through the idea that a sustainable lifestyle is trendy.

As the event curator, if I can help the planet through branding and hosting local events, then i will. I have been working non stop on this project ever since we confirmed the space only a month ago, but i’m convinced that we are creating something that is truly lacking in the swiss market, and i hope you will enjoy experiencing the event as much as i enjoyed creating it.

In The Republic, Plato describes the four key virtues of a good person: prudence, temperance, justice, and fortitude. It’s not surprising that these virtues have a huge part to play in the practice of sustainability. Northern Lights Festival is the first event of its’ kind in Switzerland, we’re talking about a sustainable lifestyle festival.

Northern Lights Festival

Curated event is entitled Northern Lights Fest, imagined to be a Scandinavian weekend of inspiration and delight in the heart of Geneva during the darkest and chilliest days, leading up to the « fêtes » season.

Upcoming edition
14 & 15 December – 10AM / 9PM
Route de sevélin 50, Lausanne, Switzerland